This is a preliminary layout of the game features for the new CDT. The name has not yet been decided. All of this is subject to change.

Graphics: 2D Isometric, similar to Lunch Truck Tycoon.

The Goal: We want the game to be realistic but not over complicated like CDT V2 was heading. A difficult task but we are aiming for the casual player as well as the more hardcore players. We believe we can find a happy medium.


  • Building upgrades: full building, sales and service included, not separate.
  • Upgrades:
    Showroom: not sure what they will be yet.
    Service: not sure what they will be yet.
  • Parts: buying parts will just be parts, not part or brand specific.
  • Cars: will have to stock cars like in CDT, will have different lot sizes. Will not be able to sell cars if you don’t have them on your lot.
  • Used Cars: ? May just have 1 generic used car at a set price.
  • Advertising: will have campaigns similar to CDT
  • Tactics: ?
  • Honesty Rating: removed
  • Bank: will be in-app purchases for money
  • Logs: showroom and service logs will be visible.
  • Will not be level based, will be license based with no limits. Must have a license to sell a brand of cars.
  • News: ?
  • Weather: ?
  • Random Events: ?

Employees: All employees will have just one skill rating.
Sales Manager: will determine the profit
Sales Employee: will determine the sale
Finance Manager: determine warranty sale
Service Manager: ?
Service Employee: ?
Hiring Employees: will be random but most likely 1 or 2 times a week some new employees will popup for hire.
Employees will randomly quit.

Please chime in with your feedback, this may be your only chance to help mold the new CDT.

?: indicates may or may not be included in the game.


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