Lunch Truck Tycoon 2 offers a variety of different trucks with each truck having a unique feel to it. Each truck can have a specific task that it is better suited for then the other trucks. For Example, Streak is great for delivery missions while the Grub Truck is best for serving hot lunches. Each with its own storage capacities, managing your inventory can be a bit tricky.

From max speed to storage size, here are the key factors that help shape each truck in Lunch Truck Tycoon 2.

Max Speed: The max speed the truck can travel at.

Drive Type: Front wheel drive, Rear-wheel drive, All-wheel drive

Acceleration: How fast the truck will accelerator.

Braking: How fast the truck will come to a complete stop.

Turbo: Is the truck equipped with a turbo.

Weight: How heavy is the truck, the weight will affect the way the truck handles.

Range: How far away a luncher will see the truck.

Gas Tank: How much gas the truck can store.

Cold/Hot/Dry Size: The storage sizes.


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