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A Spin on a Classic! Break, Peek or Blast your way through the rock in search for buried Treasure. Things getting a little rough in there? Use a little TNT to blast some rock out of there, or peek through to see what is underneath. Beware of the hidden Bombs. In Treasure Sweep you will be tasked to destroy the blocks and collect the Treasure Chests while avoiding the Bombs. Collect the tools of trade and other surprises along the way.

FREE to Play!

  • 3 Game Modes
  • Global Scoreboards
  • Excellent Graphics and Animations
  • Social Integration, Facebook and Twitter

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Unite on Twitter or Facebook to discuss the locations of the map pieces.

World Play: World Play consists of different worlds each with their own levels. Play through the levels while collecting map pieces to advance to the next World. Be on the lookout for the Map Pieces!

Time Play: 60 seconds per round and only 1 life. Play till either run out!

Open Play: Lives will spawn on a randomly generated game environment, play until you blow them all away.