[heading type=”1″]Build an Empire out of the Back Door of your Cantina![/heading]

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Build an Empire out of the back door of your Cantina. Create custom beverages, deal with illegal contraband and stay clear of the authorities. Send your mercenaries out on missions to collect rewards, defeat bosses and unlock the galaxies most desired ingredients.

Featuring Music by “The Space Sharks” A real time Tycoon/Simulation game.

Keep your shelves stocked but be aware of getting your shipment seized at customs.

Create custom drinks and price them to sell.

Faction Troops may perform random searches on patrons in your Cantina.

Better beef up your security at the front door because you will be held responsible for any illegal activity.

Each patron thinks independently of each other. What drink they prefer, do they do shots, where they choose to congregate, do the have contraband and so forth.

Send mercenaries out on missions and collect rewards. Level each mercenary but understand the risks, getting captured, injured or even death. Equip your Mercenaries with the best Weapons, Armor and Gadgets to give them the advantage they need.

Defeat or be defeated when it comes to the bosses in The Space Cantina. Risk vs reward! What will you do?

  • Create your own Unique Beverages
  • Smuggle Ingredients past Customs
  • Improve your Cantina with over 40 Upgrades
  • Purchase New Band Members and Unlock New Music!
  • Send your Mercenaries on Missions
  • Reap the Rewards, Defeat Bosses and Unlock the Best Ingredients
  • Get the best Weapons, Armor and Gadgets for your Mercenaries
  • Beware of Random Searches
  • Over 60 Achievements

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