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“Say What – A Word Game” is a fun and addictive word game! Each level the player has to create words based on 12 random letters. Letters cannot be reused per level and bonuses are given for the amount of words played. Play a “Say What” word and get bonus points!

Work your way to the top of the leader boards, with global leader boards and 24 hour leader boards.

Game Modes
Free Play
Bonus Free Play: The bigger the word the bigger the bonus.
3 minutes challenge, score as many points in 3 minutes.
20 second time challenge, 20 seconds are added on to the time left at the end of each level

Multi-Player, challenge a friend or anyone to a winner takes all match, in 4 different game modes.

Free Play does not have a timer and the player can continue to play as long as they can achieve the minimum points per level. Free Play Games are saved at the advancement of each level and can be resumed via the main menu.