Zombie DLC Changelog

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Zombie DLC Changelog

Post by DiggidyAdmin » Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:21 pm

Changelog 1.6
New Game Mode: Zombies
Includes 3 New Maps
New Poop Color
New Legendary Slinger
5 New DLC Specific Accomplishments

• Reworked UI, this is phase 1 of the UI rework. Phase 2 will include a new graphical layout.
• Mod Screen Reworked
• New: Slinger Crosshairs are available
• New: Red Laser Sight is available

• Added: Transition audio
• Added: Additional NPC sayings

• QoL: Home page, default button remains
• QoL: Added buttons to go back and forth between the Lavatory and the Shooting Range
• QoL: Improved (some) button active states, more coming
• QoL: No Heat (fire extinguishers) power-ups now stack
• QoL: Updated popup notification, for game modes as well
• QoL: Reduced the cost to unlock the P8 and SM100

• Bug Fix: Weekly Leaderboards are now working correctly (this was already fixed, server-side)

• Nerf: Reduced NPC scores for the Mall, Town Hall and Port Night
• Nerf: Reduced spawn rate of second special character for the Airport, Construction and Port Night