Patch Notes Version 1.1

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Patch Notes Version 1.1

Post by DiggidyAdmin » Thu Mar 24, 2022 2:40 pm

Version: 1.1
• Bug Fix: There were some checks and balances that caused certain trophies to not trigger.
• Bug Fix: Used Cars delivered notification always popped up
• Bug Fix: Collector Car parking spots shared unique identifiers which caused them to be placed on top of each after editing a lot and then reloading the game
• Bug Fix: Optimization of some code
• Bug Fix: Sometimes a repair job losses it parts, there is now code to handle this situation. The job will still get completed.
• Bug Fix: Couldn’t sell a car back to CarHuHu if your money was below $0 and the car was selling for the wrong price
• Bug Fix: An error occurred when a mechanic tried to work on a job but there was not job to work on
• Added list view for CarHuHu
• Added sales notification toggle for each dealership
• Added notifications toggle for trade-ins
• Added auto renew toggle for ads
• Added auto fill for Gas Stations and Car Washes
• Added Xbox One and Generic Gamepad controller support
• Added L1 R1 to control the tabs in the browser and business screens
• In-game Web Browser now shows the current Consumer Spending Rate
• Reworked how a customer reviews upgrades. The more upgrades you have the better chance of a positive review.
• Increased Snack Shack capacity to 1500
• Disasters now have their own popups
• Police Helicopter…

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Re: Patch Notes Version 1.1

Post by DiggidyAdmin » Fri Mar 25, 2022 2:28 pm

Version: 1.11
• Bug Fix: Snack Shack Fill All Button was blocking Auto Fill on some resolutions
• Bug Fix: The base customers for the 5 New Car Dealerships were not set properly (should see a slight increase in customers)
• Controller button optimization for CarHuHu

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