A Must Have App for every Precious Metals Investor!

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Stay current in the ever changing Precious Metals market with “Bullion Tracker”. An App designed for investors in Precious Metals.
– Keep track of your Precious Metals Inventory, with a detailed Inventory Database

Multiple Accounts to keep your investments separate
Detailed Summary for each Metal Includes:
Total Ounces, Purchase Cost, Price per Oz, Live “Bullion Value” and the difference
Inventory page lists every Metal in Ascending order or the newest entries on the bottom
Ratios Tab, displays a chart of all the metal ratios
Add Metals form can convert Grams or Kilograms to Ounces, for easy entry into your Inventory Database

Metals Calculator: Enter the cost, quantity and weight and get the total oz’s, price per oz, total value and the difference.
Great to help you determine the value of your purchase before you buy it
World Spot Price

Up to the minute “Live Pricing”
Live Pricing Widget, touch to refresh. Options below affect Widget as well
Notifications – Receive a Notification when the price of a metal goes above or below an indicated price.
Each Metal has its own Notification and separate icons

Landscape layout with increase font size
Database backup

Multiple Currency Support: United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, South African Rand, Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound, Chinese RMB, Japan Yen, Russian Rub, Indian Rupee
Option to Disable Vibrate
Option to Disable Sound
Option for Refresh Rate
Option for refresh on Orientation Change
Option for refresh when Screen is Turned on

Read the Help file for more info

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
A must have App for any Precious Metals Investor.

Keep track of Jewelry as well!

***Important: you must add “Bullion Tracker” to your exclude list, if you are running a task manager.
If you don’t, the Widget & Notifications may stop responding.***