Realease March 15, 2022


Auto World Tycoon is a tycoon game based in real-time. Purchase Auto Dealerships new or used, exotics or motorcycles, commercial or brand name, the choice is yours. Start small with used cars, gas stations and car washes as you work your way towards owning giant Auto Malls.

With a full day night rotation as well as varying weather, customers can be hard to get into your business.

From botched advertisement to inadequate employees, a low business score will keep new customers away.

There are over 30 different businesses for you to choose from.

Businesses available to purchase include, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Body Shops, Repair Shops, Commercial Dealerships, Exotic Dealerships, Motorcycle and ATV Dealerships and New and Used Car Dealerships.

Game Highlights

– In-game rating system where NPCs rate their experience with each business.
– Keep inventory stocked (parts and/or cars)
– Hire, fire and train employees
– Advertise your business
– Insurance for each business in case the unfortunate happens such as fires, flooding, etc.
– Adjust prices to maximize your profits.
– Own your own home and collect your own cars
– Bank loans
– Special events may boost sales or bring the economy to its knees.
– Appreciation and depreciation
– Much more…