The New CDT

The New CDT

This is a preliminary layout of the game features for the new CDT. The name has not yet been decided. All of this is subject to change.

Graphics: 2D Isometric, similar to Lunch Truck Tycoon.

The Goal: We want the game to be realistic but not over complicated like CDT V2 was heading. A difficult task but we are aiming for the casual player as well as the more hardcore players. We believe we can find a happy medium.


  • Building upgrades: full building, sales and service included, not separate.
  • Upgrades:
    Showroom: not sure what they will be yet.
    Service: not sure what they will be yet.
  • Parts: buying parts will just be parts, not part or brand specific.
  • Cars: will have to stock cars like in CDT, will have different lot sizes. Will not be able to sell cars if you don’t have them on your lot.
  • Used Cars: ? May just have 1 generic used car at a set price.
  • Advertising: will have campaigns similar to CDT
  • Tactics: ?
  • Honesty Rating: removed
  • Bank: will be in-app purchases for money
  • Logs: showroom and service logs will be visible.
  • Will not be level based, will be license based with no limits. Must have a license to sell a brand of cars.
  • News: ?
  • Weather: ?
  • Random Events: ?

Employees: All employees will have just one skill rating.
Sales Manager: will determine the profit
Sales Employee: will determine the sale
Finance Manager: determine warranty sale
Service Manager: ?
Service Employee: ?
Hiring Employees: will be random but most likely 1 or 2 times a week some new employees will popup for hire.
Employees will randomly quit.

Please chime in with your feedback, this may be your only chance to help mold the new CDT.

?: indicates may or may not be included in the game.


For a rainy or stormy day I think you should have business slow. In my city on a rainy day all business are very slow

Thats how it was in the original, CDT. Will most likely be included in the new one as well.

It would be nice to be able to haggle back and forth with the customer on the price and options. On the original, I started to accept the customers offer every time, just so I knew it would sell.

8 hey hope all is ok. Tried to email but email is full.

Yeah I need a new web hosting provider. Quota issue resolved.

TxPatriot, at this point in development the haggling will not be implemented into the game.

The sales employee will determine if the car is sold and the sales manager will determine how much extra money you will make on the sale. In theory the sales manager is doing the haggling for you.

I like txpatriot’s idea. Hope this gets put in in the future

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